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Landscape Design

From vegetation to architecture, this is where it all comes together. Whether you have a blank slate to work with or a dead space, we can bring it to life. Our goal is to produce a space that fits your personality while giving it the functionality it deserves. Do you currently have an embarrassing space you wish you used?

Maybe it’s time for a change. Or, do you have an empty space with no idea where to begin? With over 35 years experience, we have seen and done it all. We want to create a space that is right for you. So call us today and let’s go over your options!

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Lawn Spraying

lawn spraying
Creative Visions uses a 8-step process of fertilization, weed remediation, ph balancing, and liming to give you the most beautiful lawn you will ever have. Believe it or not, every lawn is unique. Just like people, it has to have the proper nutrition in order to thrive. There can be a several reasons your lawn hasn’t maximized its full potential. Some may face pests, some pH imbalance, some improper mowing techniques and so forth.

Our team will run several tests to diagnose the proper reason for your stagnant growth. We get it right the first time which prevents future “out of pocket” expenses. Call us today and let our team turn your patchy lawn into a green oasis.

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Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Everyone would love to have a green lawn but how is it achieveable? First, we figue out the reason for your lawn’s disease with our lawn spraying service.   Second, we have to irrigate it properly. Our lawn spraying service means nothing without the proper irrigation. We will install the exact system that meets your specific lawn’s needs. As you know, over and under watering is always a problem.

Let us install a system that helps your lawn get the exactly what it needs without you having to do a thing. Most people think a lawn needs to be watered in the heat of the day but this is a myth. The majority of lawns need to be watered early morning or late evening in order to thrive. Just think, your lawn could be getting the water it needs before you awaken for the day or while you are away. The best part is…you don’t have to remember to turn the water on and off!

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Lawn Care

When we refer to lawn care, we refer to the” back breaking” work of making your lawn beautiful. While it is great to have your lawn mown, edged and weedeated, it’s our pleasure to go beyond that. We believe that the smaller details are what make your landscape come together.

You wouldn’t roll your walls with paint without “cutting-in” so why would you mow your lawn without pulling weeds and pruning? Those are the things we specialize in and look forward to doing this work for you. It really pays off!

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